Trigger Warning! My place to get away and vent. I guess I'm a depression blog. Please be safe.



Ancient air flows emptily through my lungs
The oxygen has lost it’s price value
I would hand it all away like bread to ducks
To huff a puff of smoke
To smell stale cigarettes on all my clothes
And to distract myself from the tears that beg to fall
Beg like the starving who would race down my cheeks for food
Yellow teeth matching the yellow world
Grey smoke like all my hopes
They float away into the breeze to later be thought of fondly
Kill me slowly, nicotine
I beg to end my life
The suffering you could cause me is worth the saddening strife
I count my day in cigarettes
Half a pack a day
Wake up - smoke
Lunch - smoke
Dinner - smoke
Goodnight - smoke
Midnight - smoke
And one for when things go wrong
Kiss the ashes off my lips
I’ll kill you slowly too
Death is only sane for us
And I’m insane for you
—- A.U.

I Am Here

I am here, hello, goodbye
I am gone, I’m sorry, I die
I am here, I float, I see
You are there, you cry, you miss me
You lay there collecting mold
I am here but you don’t know
I am here please don’t go.